Immersive audio-visual experience

Done + Dusted UK created and presented a highly ambitious show concept to the organisers of the 46th UAE National Day in Abu Dhabi. The event programme featured a three-scene and 11-chapter programme showcasing how self-driving and flying vehicles, smart robots, renewable energy and many other innovations will lay the foundation for the country’s development plans to propel it into the future.


36.1 Immersive Loudspeaker System

Our loudspeaker system was designed around the L-ISA platform using 36 various loudspeaker arrays of K2, KARA, KIVA and 8XT products. The sub-bass was provided by a single block of 18 L-Acoustics SB28 subwoofers located behind the main LED screen.

The frontal system consisted of a central array of nine K2 and four arrays either side of centre of nine KARA each 5 metres apart. KIVA was used for front fill and KARA was used for sides and rears. 

Four span-ropes were installed across the venue to support the overhead loudspeakers. A total of 33 8XT loudspeakers on 12 circuits was installed to provide atmospheric sounds and artificial room acoustics.  The whole system was controlled with a dual-redundant pair of L-ISA Processors. 


Audio control system

We used a mirrored pair of DiGiCo SD5 consoles with a pair of L-ISA Processors, one per console, connected using MADI. The signal distribution system consisted of multiple DiGiCo SD Racks for inputs and various Optocore network devices distributing the outputs to LA-Rack's around the venue.


Show Control Systems

We used a dual-redundant pair of Ovation systems by Merging Technologies operated by Steve Logan, probably the most experienced playback operator in the world. The system consists of a purpose-built Windows 10 computer running Ovation, the Horus audio interface delivering 128-channels via MADI, the Ovation keyboard, Avid Artist control surface and KVM per system.



The people and companies that made it happen.

A huge thanks Ian, Simon, Hamish, Nick and the whole team at Done + Dusted for involving us in this project. Congratulations on delivering a really amazing project that was a joy to deliver.

Our Client

The Audio system was designed by Scott Willsallen. Our team also included Justin Arthur on FOH, Steve Logan on replay and Martin Dineley on systems.

Our Team

Thanks for Andy Jackson, Craig Harvey and their team from Delta Sound Dubai for supplying, installing and maintaining such a massive system.

Our Supplier




February, 2018

Here is an article by from the TPI Middle East team about our work on the 46th UAE National Day.


February, 2018

Chris Holder interviews Scott Willsallen on the audio details of the 46th UAE National Day Celebration.