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Athens 2004 Olympic Games Ceremonies

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Jack Morton Public Events produced the Opening and Closing Ceremonies under the artistic direction of Dimitris Papaioannou and his team. The project is still regarded as one of the most theatrical opening ceremonies ever created.


Scott Willsallen was engaged by Norwest Productions to design the audio system in the role of Audio Director and Sound Designer with Chris Kennedy, CEO of Norwest, in the role of Project Director. The project was delivered by Norwest with the assistance of local supplier Enttech.

The system was a combination of EAW KF860 ground stacks and McCauley MLA3 flown arrays with Yamaha PM1D and PM5D consoles, Lake Processing and Optocore signal distribution.

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The audio team for the event was a combination of Australians from Norwest and locals from Enttech.


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