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Ennio Morricone on L-ISA in Italy

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

After a casual conversation at the AIMAG Opening Ceremony where Scott Willsallen introduced Fabio Venturi, FOH mix engineer for Ennio Morricone, to the L-ISA platform and how it could massively improve the audience experience of Morricone's music.

The conversation led to the test installation of both the standard stereo K2 system and our design using seven KARA arrays and a centre sub-bass array. The test, supplied by Agora, allowed Fabio and Ennio himself to listen to the difference and both chose the L-ISA which was then implemented for Ennio's concerts throughout Europe.


Here is a video produced by L-Acoustics to promote the use of L-ISA for Morricone.


Click here for the case study on our website.

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