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We are an Emmy-award-winning audio visual design consultancy for construction projects, exhibitions and major events. We specialise in performing arts, sporting and cultural projects that deliver the best possible audience experience.

Having designed and delivered the sound for more Olympic Games Ceremonies than any other consultancy, we fully understand environments of complexity, competing needs and the highest performance. We leverage our knowledge and experience to design performing arts technology and systems for the most demanding situations.

With offices in London, Dubai and Sydney, we are a boutique consultancy with international reach.

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About: Team


Scott Willsallen



Scott is an Emmy Award winning sound designer, well known for his experience in major international broadcast projects including Olympic Games events, and systems infrastructure design for performance venues. 

Scott completed a Masters of Design Science in Audio & Acoustics with Honours in 2003 and remains active in the audio and acoustics academic community.

Luis Miranda


Senior Consultant, acoustics and control specialist

Luis completed his Masters of Design Science in Audio & Acoustics in 2008 and immediately began a career in systems design. His interests have expanded from audio & acoustics to a broad range of performance technologies. 

Luis continues to be active in academia, publishing several audio and acoustics papers, and more recently completing a PhD in performance acoustics.



audio specialist

Ethan studied a BSc Music Technology, graduating with 1st class honours. Ethan joined our team to take on Expo 2020 Dubai as our head of audio for Events and Entertainment encompassing multiple venues across the site.

Ethan is General Manager of our UAE office and has delivered several projects over the past year including Silk Road in Samarkand and Joy Awards in KSA. 

JC Headshot_edited.jpg


Consultant, video
and control specialist

Joe studied a BSc in Sound, Light and Live Event Technology and specialises in control systems and show control systems design for Exhibitions, venues and events. 

Joe is also highly skilled in projection design and Ethernet networking for AV applications including AVB, DANTE, Ravenna and AES67. 

Logan S - Photo.jpg


Senior Editor and 
replay operator

Steve is the most experienced and accomplished music editor and replay systems operator in the international Ceremonies world.

Steve is an accomplished musician and was engaged by us on Expo 2020 Dubai as our Senior Audio Editor and Sound Designer mixing hundreds of hours of content. 



Senior Audio Engineer 
and audio editor

Richard is one of the world's most experienced and respected mix engineer's for theatre and major international events.

Richard's credits include the Ceremonies for London 2012, Sochi 2014, Baku 2015, Expo 2020 and many UAE National Day Ceremonies.

About: Team


daytime-emmys1 square.jpeg


Our work on the Baku 2015 European Games Opening Ceremony was awarded with an Emmy at the 43rd Daytime Emmy Awards in 2016.

2016-EA-logo-HC-Small-Business-01 square.jpg


We were awarded Highly Commended in the small business category.

CA_logo_color square.png


22nd annual Communicator Awards: Award of Distinction for our work on the Baku 2015 European Games.



36th annual Telly Awards: Film & Video Winner for Sound Design for our work on the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.



AV Consultancy of the Year

LowRes_Winner2013_WhiteBG square.jpg


Best Technical Achievement for our work on the London 2012 Olympic Games,
Best Export Achievement for our export projects in 2012.



Best Technical Achievement in Production for our work on the London 2012 Olympic Games.

LowRes_Landscape_Left_WhiteBG square.jpg


Best Technical Achievement for our work on World Youth Day 2008.

About: Ideas & Insights


“Before the London 2012 Olympics, I knew nothing of the technical side of how to deal with music at such an enormous event. After the games I knew all I needed to know and learned most of it from Scott, whose expertise, patience and depth of experience allowed me and my creative team to be seen and heard the way we wanted to be seen and heard, both in the stadium and in the feed to broadcasters.”

David Arnold is a Grammy Award winning British composer best known for scoring five James Bond films (1997-2008) , Stargate (1994), Independence Day (1996) and Godzilla (1998) as well as the Closing Ceremonies for London 2012.

David Arnold - Composer

“DAE works with the best suppliers and creative consultants from all over the world. Auditoria is a creative and technical practitioner that we return to time and again for its expertise. Scott Willsallen's depth of experience and his hands on approach set him apart from his competition. Auditoria's tactile and tailored approach to our projects makes it possible to achieve the impact we need for our client and audience experience." 

David Atkins is the CEO of DAE, an Emmy-Award winning international creative agency with an impressive track record including Sydney 2000, Doha 2006, Vancouver 2010, Shanghai 2010 Expo, Doha 2011 and many other projects.

David Atkins OAM - Creative Director

“Scott always works to an exceptionally high standard and his excellent partnership with Bobby Aitken resulted in the delivery of an incredible audio system for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Ceremonies.

The audio system was widely praised for its high quality, intelligibility and even coverage—helping artists ranging from the London Symphony Orchestra to Sir Paul McCartney deliver a fantastic performance. His detailed technical knowledge and world class experience allows Scott to answer complex problems with solutions that are always high quality, reliable and entirely practical.

Scott is collaborative and always sensitive to the requirements of any production. It has been a real pleasure to work alongside him in London, and I hope to do so again soon.”

Piers Shepperd - Technical Director

"Scott and his team at Auditoria are impeccable with their delivery of pristine audio. As a composer for large events, I often hear my music at its best in the recording studio instead at the venue of the event where it's intended. The recording studio has the perfect climate, acoustics and monitors to hear the detail in the audio reproduction and unfortunately taking the music to the venue typically means hearing the details of the music become lost...this was just a hard fact of life until Scott proved me wrong when I heard the live audio system and design for the 2011 Arab Games. Regardless of sitting in the best, or the worst seat in the giant outdoor stadium, my ears were thrilled to hear every detail and nuance that was "supposed" to be heard. What a thrill to experience a huge audience enjoying the music exactly the way it was meant to be heard. Thanks Scott, and I look forward to many more chances to work together in the future!"

David Pierce - Composer and Musical Director

"When I was asked by the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games Organising Committee to suggest key technical designers for the Ceremonies, for me the audio design choice was easy. From the moment we confirmed that stadium overlay was running more than six months behind schedule, requiring technical installation and rehearsals to take place during the monsoon season, I knew that nothing else would be easy. Thank goodness you agreed to join the team!

Despite the monsoon, the mosquitos, the dengue fever, the mud, and the lack of reliable power at the Delhi Stadium you were somehow able to design a state of the art audio system that performed magnificently and was a major contributor to the overall success of the 2010 CG Ceremonies. When the going gets tough on these big ceremonies, I'm always very relieved to have the best people in the world working behind the scenes to make sure that the show does indeed go on. Thank you for everything you did to ensure the success of the Delhi Ceremonies—like everyone else involved you went way beyond expectations to make the Ceremonies look and sound flawless. I’m looking forward to working with you on another big one!"

Ric Birch - Creative Director

"Having had no previous experience of creating or delivering music for an event the size of the Opening Ceremony, I was enormously relieved and happy to meet Scott.

For a person with such specialised knowledge, he was able to give incredibly clear and good-natured direction. He provided me with fantastic guidance throughout the process of writing, recording and delivering the music for the ceremony. And if his patience with me was tested during that time, he never showed it.

How it’s possible to control sound in an outdoor stadium full of 61,000 people and design a system that can negotiate vastly different styles of music in that deeply imperfect acoustic environment (without exceeding the residential noise restrictions!)—not to mention simultaneously generate and output a broadcast mix—I will never know.

All I can say is that I couldn’t have been happier with the end result. It sounded fantastic."

Victoria Kelly - Composer and Musical Director

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Auditoria provides design services all over the world from our offices in London, Dubai and Sydney. 

For further enquiries please use the form and we will come back to you. 

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