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Construction project completed in 2015

This project was the construction of a new quadrangle and central hub for the school which included a huge undercover area with a cafe, performance area, learning areas and informatoin systems. The video below shows a drone fly through of the school including the Project Barcelona additions in use.

Northern Beaches Christian School: Headliner
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Northern Beaches Christian School: Headliner

Performance space video systems

The Bandstand is an outdoor performance space at the far end of the space and is used for daily performances and special occasions. The LED screen is a 26 square metre 5mm 3000 Nits display that can take inputs from fixed cameras, a video production facility that the students operate or directly from a laptop connection onstate for lecture-style presentations. The screen weighs about 800 kg and can be rolled downstage to enable service and maintenance.

Northern Beaches Christian School: Portfolio
Northern Beaches Christian School: Headliner

Audio Systems

The loudspeaker system consists of six d&b Yi-SUB's mounted from the bandstand roof in a horizontal line. There are 16 d&b Y-Series loudspeakers distributed throughout the space to provide complete coverage and a pair of 10S-D loudspeakers for out=fill. The info LED screen at the other end of the space has a pair of d&b 24C column speakers specifically for content related to the pictures.

The audio control system is based on a 3-teir operational strategy as follows:

  1. Basic level control for a few inputs, no technical knowledge required.

  2. Intermediate level of control with up to 16 inputs from stage with basic level and EQ control, intermediate skills required.

  3. Full control with a DiGiCo SD9 console and portable input frame.

Northern Beaches Christian School: Portfolio
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Northern Beaches Christian School: Headliner


The people and companies that made it happen.

Our work with Alan Schultz, NBCS General Manager, began in 2008 and we have delivered 5 projects together over that period. Thanks Alan for keeping us involved.

Our Client

The systems were designed by Scott Willsallen and Luis Miranda. The LED screens and interface was designed by Big Screen Projects.

Our Team

Our thanks to Nick Orsatti and his team at Fredon Technologies for supplying and installing the audio systems and video control system. Thanks also to Toby Waley from Big Screen Projects for the LED screens.

Our Supplier

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