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The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games

We were engaged by Gary Beestone and Birmingham 2022 Ceremonies to design and manage the delivery of the audio for the two Ceremonies and Sports Presentation at Alexander Stadium. Scroll down for more details.

Birmingham 2022 CWG Ceremonies: Headliner
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Birmingham 2022 CWG Ceremonies: Headliner

Loudspeaker system

The loudspeaker system was designed to deliver both the Ceremonies and Sports Presentation. Initially the Sports Presentation system was designed as a distributed arrangement of arrays suspended from the East and West Grandstands with North and South arrays suspended from temporary catenary lines. 

The Ceremonies system added the ground stacked system on the FOP for lower bowl coverage and used the top half of the Sports Presentation system for upper bowl coverage. The system is explained in detail below. 

Birmingham 2022 CWG Ceremonies: Headliner


The Sports Presentation system consisted of 216 L-Acoustics Kara and 108 Kiva II distributed in 27 arrays around the stadium as follows:

  • North - four arrays of 15 Kara, two arrays of 6 Kiva II and one array of 15 Kiva II. 

  • East - four arrays of 12 Kara

  • South - four arrays of 15 Kara, three arrays of 6 Kiva II and one array of 15 Kiva II

  • West - four arrays of 12 Kara and four arrays of 12 Kiva II.


The Ceremonies system consisted of 96 L-Acoustics K2 and 72 KS28 subwoofers distributed in 24 ground stacked arrays.

24 X8 loudspeakers were distributed around the Bullring (central performance area) for cast monitoring and a further 24 X12 loudspeakers were used for the athletes parade so the athletes can hear the music and country announcements.  



The Opening Ceremony had a small seated audience area at the South end of the Bullring which was serviced by four L-Acoustics Syva / Syva Low ground stacks and three X8 fill loudspeakers. 

The Closing Ceremony had a large audience area on the East and West sides of the main stage. Four ground stacks of 3 K2 over 3 KS28 provided the coverage for the main stage with eight arrays of 3 Kara over 1 KS28 used for the satellite stages. 

Birmingham 2022 CWG Ceremonies: Projects
Birmingham 2022 CWG Ceremonies: Headliner
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The audio control system consisted of a mirrored pair of DiGiCo Quantum7 consoles at FOH and monitors (four in total), dual redundant Optocore networks for collection of inputs, AVB primary network and Optocore secondary network for signal delivery to amplifiers. 

An additional pair of Quantum7 consoles were used at the rehearsal venue to create FOH and monitors show files for the Closing Ceremony, which had no rehearsal time in the stadium. 

A pair of Merging Technologies Ovation systems were used for audio replay and time code host. 

Birmingham 2022 CWG Ceremonies: Projects
Birmingham 2022 CWG Ceremonies: Headliner


The people and companies that made it happen.

A huge thanks to Gary and Zoe from GBA for getting us involved and to Hamish and Simon from Done + Dusted. The B2022 Ceremonies team was a pleasure to be a part of and delivered an excellent OC and CC.

Our Client

The Audio Director was Scott Willsallen and our team consisted of Richard Sharratt on FOH, Martin Dineley on Systems, Toby Chester on Monitors and Simon Sayer and Federico Rizzi on replay.

Our Team

Thanks to Mark Bonner, Paul Keating and the whole team at DeltaLive who supplied, installed and maintained the systems for the Ceremonies and Sports Presentation.

Our Supplier

Birmingham 2022 CWG Ceremonies: Testimonials



October 2022

Here is an article LSI by Phil Ward discussing the technical aspects of the project.

Birmingham 2022 CWG Ceremonies: News
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