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Performance venue with immersive AV systems

We were engaged by ARS Electronica to provide technical design and engineering support for the development of an immersive multimedia studio in Vitznau, Switzerland. We devised audio, video and control systems for the project which features 16.1.3 immersive sound and an 8k immersive projection system.

Das Morgen MMS: Headliner
Das Morgen MMS: Headliner

Video systems

The video systems were designed to entertain and educate the guests with an existing set of presentations developed by ARS Electronica called Deep Space. The most significant element of Deep Space is the hero wall and floor projection which is an 8k wide canvas.

Das Morgen MMS: Headliner


The Deep Space canvas

In total, the main DeepSpace canvas is 7680px wide by 10,413px high, created by 10 edge-blended 4K projectors, running at 60fps.

The 3D projection study also helps identify at what point shadowing will occur on surfaces caused by visitors and assists with minimisation where possible. The simulation also allows the illuminance to be analysed across the surface in addition to the effective pixel density.


Extending the scene, immersing the guests

The Parkett wall projections add a further 15,360px wide by 1420px high. Using architectural drawings, options for projectors, lenses, image sizes and rigging locations were simulated in 3D to assist with both the technical and architectural design of the immersive environment.

MMS parket.png


Bespoke media servers by ARS Electronica

The content system consists of 4 powerful media servers running custom software to deliver the interactive presentations.

The video control system was designed around the TV One ChorioMaster frame to handle all switching and processing. 

Das Morgen MMS: Projects
Vierwaldstättersee_Vitznau(c)Florian Voggeneder.JPG
Das Morgen MMS: Headliner

Audio system

The audio system is there to support the presentation of Deep Space content and provide an immersive platform for the creation of new content.

Das Morgen MMS: Headliner


An immersive 16.1.3 loudspeaker layout

The loudspeaker system is designed to support various types of events from automated immersive AV presentations to music ensembles, lectures and dinners. 

L-Acoustics Syva and Syva Low loudspeakers are mounted either side of the main projection surface on the ground floor and gallery levels for primary stereo coverage. These are also elements in the 19-channel immersive system. 

11 L-Acoustics 5XT loudspeakers provide surround and rear coverage of the main audience area. Three L-Acoustics X8 loudspeakers provide overhead coverage and three L-Acoustics Kiva II elements provide the main LCR sources by bouncing the sound off the projection surface. 

MMS Lisa.png


L-Acoustics L-ISA

A single L-ISA Processor II located in the rack room is the main immersive platform for the space.

The system typically operates in a playback mode where printed content is played directly to each of the 19 loudspeakers in the system. 

There is also a creation mode which provides 96 inputs from a DAW for show creation onsite. L-ISA Studio software is also being used by content creators to prepare their work offsite. This dramatically speeds up the workflow. 



Trinnov Altitude32

Some of the content from the Deep Space application is stereo or 5.1 audio which we run through an upmix program running on the Trinnov to upmix the source content to our specific loudspeaker map. 

We experimented with various programs but settled on the Auro3D as the most suitable for our specific requirements. 



DiGiCo 4REA4 mix engine

The main mixing platform is the DiGiCo 4REA4 mix engine complete with DANTE and MADI cards.

Various snapshots were created, triggered by OSC from the show control system, to change configuration of the system to suit the different operating modes. 

Control groups were created in the 4REA4 to enable direct level control of key inputs such as wireless mics, Qlab, Deep Space and the upmix return from the Trinnov. 

Das Morgen MMS: Projects
Das Morgen MMS: Headliner


The people and companies that made it happen.

A huge thanks to Chris, Micky and Michaela from ARS Electronica for inviting us into the project and for keeping the whole team focused throughout the construction phase.

Our Client

The Audio and video systems were designed by Scott Willsallen and Joe Callister respectively. Joe also designed the show control system and managed the project. Joe and Scott were supported by Luis and Ethan throughout the design phase.

Our Team

Thanks to our systems integrator Auviso for their great work. Thanks for L-Acoustics, DiGiCo and TV One for helping with supply in a difficult timeframe.

Our Supplier

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