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Immersive audio-visual experience

Opening for the 2022 season in Boulevard City, Riyadh, Fame Factory is a walk-through theatrical attraction which fully immerses visitors in the world of fame. The experience was designed and brought to fruition by Done + Dusted. Working with the creative team, Auditoria designed an immersive audio system which would enhance all aspects of the visitor experience, along with sound content creation by Carolyn Downing. Scroll down for more details.

Fame Factory: Headliner
Fame Factory: Headliner

80-channel soundscape and 130 loudspeakers

The experience consists of multiple rooms that the guests move through. Each space has two loudspeaker systems; one to help reinforce the atmospheric environment and the other is for more specific spot effects or program content.

Fame Factory: Headliner


The experience utilised 80 channels of L-Acoustics amplification, all fed with AVB audio over Luminex network infrastructure. 130 loudspeakers were carefully integrated within the attraction’s 16 rooms. The design utilised products from across the L-Acoustics range, which was key in adapting to the specific needs of each room. X4i speakers provided a sound bed, helping to create a realistic and immersive environment. 5XT speakers were used for spot effects, whilst X8 and SYVA were used where a visible music source was an integral part of the storyline.


Audio playback and control utilised a 64 channel Q-Lab system outputting Dante, in a session with over 700 cues, running on Mac Studio hardware. This fed a Q-Sys Core 510i DSP, where playback audio was mixed with live microphones, effects, and media server audio.

OSC was used to communicate between Q-Lab and Q-Sys, allowing automation of parameters including mic volume, channel muting and reverb levels. A Q-Sys touchscreen was provided for system monitoring and muting controls, along with a Q-Sys UCI dashboard, which allows the maintenance engineers to easily see all audio levels, and mute individual zones as required.



The majority of the audio content was created by Carolyn Downing under the direction of Joe Callister prior to the system installation.

The experience evolved throughout the installation and rehearsals which lead to editing of the existing content and creation of new content to enhance the creative intent. 

Fame Factory: Projects
Fame Factory: Headliner


The people and companies that made it happen.

A huge thanks to Rachel and Hamish for inviting us to join the project and for building such a fantastic team. The project was a joy to deliver.

Our Client

Our team consisted of Scott Willsallen in the early concept design stage with Joe Callister as our main Project Manager and Sound Designer. Joe was assisted by Lee Holmes as Systems Engineer and Caz Downing who created the majority of the audio content.

Our Team

Thanks to Giulio Rovelli and his team from Agora for supplying, installing and maintaining the system for us. Thanks to Edo, Matt, Will and the rest of the Agora team for their excellent work.

Our Supplier

Fame Factory: Testimonials
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