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London, 2012

The first city to host the Olympic Games three times, the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony is regarded as one of the best ceremonies ever created.

London 2012: Headliner
London 2012 rings hold.jpg
London 2012: Headliner

Loudspeaker System

The loudspeaker system was designed by Scott Willsallen with rigging and engineering designed by Wonder Works. The system consisted of 22 flown arrays each consisting of 10 L-Acoustics VDOSC, 22 ground stacked arrays of 4 L-Acoustics KUDO and 4 SB28 subs. Each of the flown arrays had a small down-fill array of ARCS II to provide lower bowl coverage during Athletics when the ground stacked systems were removed.

London 2012: Portfolio
London 2012: Headliner

Audio Control System

The audio control system is designed around 100% dual-redundancy in all control system elements. The signal transport network is based on an Optocore main network and an analog backup network. The Optocore system connects to the main consoles via MADI with DiGiCo SD racks connecting to the backup consoles, also via MADI, allowing the main and backup pairs of consoles to be mirrored. The signal transport network used 16 field nodes to deliver audio to the FOP and flown loudspeaker arrays.

London 2012: Portfolio
London 2012: Headliner

Audio Replay System

The audio replay system was a dual-redundant pair of Merging Technologies Pyramix systems. Each system consists of a purpose-built rack mount Windows PC with the proprietary Mykerinos card delivering MADI to the distribution system. Two separate word clock universes are maintained for redundancy and both replay systems are delivered to all consoles using DirectOut MADI SRC units.

Pyramix playback
London 2012: Portfolio
London 2012: Headliner


The people and companies that made it happen.

Huge thanks to Catherine Ugwu (Executive Producer) and Piers Shepperd (Technical Director) who invited us along for the journey and congratulations for delivering some of the most memorable ceremonies ever.

Our Client

Scott Willsallen and Bobby Aitken designed the systems and led the team consisting of Richard Sharratt on FOH, Steve Watson on Monitors, Trevor Beck on Replay, and Andy Rose and Steve Williams on Broadcast.

Our Team

Delta Sound was the lead audio supplier with the assistance of Norwest Productions and Autograph. The project was managed by Steve Lutley and Paul Keating from Delta Sound.

Our Supplier

London 2012: Testimonials
London 2012: Headliner



Winter 2013

Here is a brief article on the London 2012 loudspeaker system in Panstadia & Arena Management magazine.


November, 2012

This is a detailed case study of the audio system for London 2012 created by Scott Willsallen and L-Acoustics.



This is an article about the use of Shure AXIENT wireless microphones on the event.



This is a detailed article by Mark Davie that covers all elements of the audio system.

London 2012: News
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