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Plenary venue with immersive AV systems

We were engaged by People Creative to design and engineer the audio and acoustic systems for the lecture hall which was to host the Ramadan Lectures.

MBZ Majlis: Headliner
MBZ Majlis: Headliner

Audio system

Our design consists of three separate systems: one for voice lift to deliver intelligible and natural sounding voice to the room, the AV system is mounted to the LED screens and used for all audio with video content, and the final system is the active acoustics.

MBZ Majlis: Headliner


126 loudspeakers / 70 circuits

The voice lift system is designed to provide near-field coverage of the guests using 126 L-Acoustics X4i loudspeakers custom mounted into the rear of the sofas as shown in the photo.

The loudspeakers are distributed over 70 circuits to enable precise delay times, tunings and levels to create a consistent and homogenous reinforcement of the voice to deliver an effortless listening experience for the guests. 


L-Acoustics Syva

The AV system was used to deliver any audio content relating to screen content such as introduction videos and presentations during the lecture. 

The system consists of a single Syva mounted to each LED screen and a Syva Low placed behind each LED screen as shown in the photo. 

L-ISA Ambiance Reverb.png


L-Acoustics Ambiance

The Ambiance system was designed into the system to alter the acoustics of the room. We designed the room acoustics to deliver a reverberation time and spectrum suitable for a lecture hall. This creates a response that is less conducive to conversation between guests which is ideal during the lecture, but not suitable before and after. 

We used 20 Schoeps microphones, 42 L-Acoustics 5XT loudspeakers and L-ISA Ambiance to increase the reverberation by around 0.5 seconds to encourage conversation between guests. The Ambiance system was not used during the lecture itself. 


Dual redundant control and playback

The audio control system consists of a mirrored pair of DiGiCo SD9 mixing consoles, a pair of Qlab playback systems, Shure Axient Digital wireless mics and Shure PSM1000 IEM sysems.

MBZ Majlis Audio Control.jpeg
MBZ Majlis: Projects

Soundvision walk-through

The video below provides a narrated walk-through of the loudspeaker system design.

MBZ Majlis: Headliner
MBZ Majlis: Headliner


The people and companies that made it happen.

A huge thanks to Tim, Foggy and Chris from People Creative for inviting us into the project and for successfully managing the ambitious construction schedule. Thanks also to Gabe, Nick, Cliff and the site team from People who kept the project moving along.

Our Client

The Audio systems were designed by Scott Willsallen with support from Joe Callister and Ethan Curry. Luis Miranda designed the room acoustics and worked with Scott in the design of the Ambiance system with support from Fred and Julien from L-Acoustics.

Our Team

Thanks to Giulio, Matt, Edo, Will, JR and Vishnu for their efforts in supplying and installing the audio systems for the project on a very short time frame and in some very difficult circumstances.

Our Supplier

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