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The VIP suite overlooking Al Wasl Plaza

The Pearl Majlis is a private VIP suite within Al Wasl Plaza overlooking the centre stage with a prime view of the immersive projection.

Pearl Majlis - Al Wasl Plaza: Headliner
VVIP Rear Panarama.jpg
Pearl Majlis - Al Wasl Plaza: Headliner
VVIP X4i Front (offset) 2.jpg


The audio system is a 15.1 arrangement of L-Acoustics X4i loudspeakers and Syva Low bass speakers to deliver a mix-down of the main 27.6 immersive audio system and a duplicate of the performance stereo system.


The control system consists of a DiGiCo 4REA4 Engine, Optocore network interface, RME M32 Pro AVB interface, DiGiCo stage box and AControl6 level control. 

The level of the immersive content and the ambience can be balanced on the wall mounted controller. 

The system has the capacity for local audio inputs for self-contained events.



The ambience system captures the sound of Al Wasl Plaza with three Sennheiser MKH416 shotgun microphones to create a 3-channel ambience into the loudspeaker system that can be adjusted or muted on the wall mounted panel.

Pearl Majlis - Al Wasl Plaza: Projects
Pearl Majlis - Al Wasl Plaza: Headliner


The people and companies that made it happen.

A huge thanks Tareq, Amna, Kylie, Kate and the whole team from Expo who empowered us to push the boundaries of design and come up with something very special for this project.

Our Client

The audio system was designed by Scott Willsallen and Ethan Curry with support from Luis Miranda.

Our Team

Our thanks to Alpha Data who supplied and installed the system to our specification. Thanks also to L-Acoustics and DiGiCo for their support.

Our Suppliers

Pearl Majlis - Al Wasl Plaza: Testimonials
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