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The V&A London

The Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains exhibition presents an audio-visual journey through 50 years of one of the world's most iconic rock groups, and a rare and exclusive glimpse into the world of Pink Floyd with unique artefacts from every stage of their career and personal lives.

Pink Floyd - Their Mortal Remains: Headliner
Pink Floyd - Their Mortal Remains: Headliner

Performance Zone and Ambient system

The loudspeaker system for the performance zone was an arrangement of 18 Neumann KH420 active studio monitors in a lower 7.0, an upper 7.0 and a pair of overheads. Seven Neumann KH870 dual 10" subwoofers. The system was used to playback a loop of approximatley 20 mins finishing with Confortably Numb from Live 8. 

We also designed a multi-zone loudspeaker system throughout the exhibition for the playback of a specially developed ambient audio track. This track was created using iconic Pink Floyd sounds and influences and was intended for visitors not using the GuidePort headphones.

Pink Floyd - Their Mortal Remains: Headliner
PF 5.jpg
Pink Floyd - Their Mortal Remains: Headliner

GuidePort System

The GuidePort system was supplied and programmed by Sennheiser and provided the visitor with the audio content specific to each element of the exhibition. We worked with Robert Genereux from Sennheiser to determine the locations and trigger type for each identifyer in the GuidePort system.

We also mastered and balanced the sound of the audio content for the GuidePort system to ensure the sound quality and level was optimised to the GuidePort transmission and headphones.

Pink Floyd - Their Mortal Remains: Headliner
PF 3.jpg
Pink Floyd - Their Mortal Remains: Headliner


An important interactive part of the exhibition was Mixology. This gave visitors the opportunity to mix the instruments and sound effects for the song Money. We created three Mixology stations using Qlab to playback the audio stems and video, with the visitor able to change level and EQ for each instument. We used Formula Sound Cue-18 analog mixers and passive signal distribution to feed the mixers. The outputs of the mixers were fed to the local GuidePort Identifyers to allow other visitors to head the changes being made.

PF_Formula mixer.jpg
Pink Floyd - Their Mortal Remains: Headliner
PF 2.jpg
Pink Floyd - Their Mortal Remains: Headliner


The people and companies that made it happen.

A huge thanks to Nick Levitt from LGME and Ian from LarMac for getting us involved in the project.

Our Client

Bobby Aitken led the project with some technical support from Scott Willsallen and Luis Miranda.

Our Team

We worked with multiple suppliers on the project including Sennheiser who were excellent to deal with.

Our Supplier

Pink Floyd - Their Mortal Remains: Testimonials



June 2017

Here is an article by the team from LSi looking at the technical aspects of Their Mortal Remains.

Pink Floyd - Their Mortal Remains: News
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