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Sound management planning for multiple venues

The Royal Botanic Gardens and Centennial Parklands events management team were interested in reviewing their sound management practices to understand if the experience of the patrons and impact on the residents were optimal based on current sound system design and noise prediction and monitoring practices. We were engaged to provide this review and recommendations for better sound management solutions.

Royal Botanic Gardens: Headliner
Royal Botanic Gardens: Headliner

Review of Sound Management Practices

As part of our sound management review we assessed the existing sound management practices for the Royal Botanic Gardens and Centennial Park sites, including limiting and reporting practices. The sound management practices in these sites had not been reviewed in several years and reflected the technology available when these were prepared. New sound management and measurement strategies have been put in place that better reflect the existing measurement technology, the temporal characteristics of music and the typical characteristics of noise annoyance. Previously this had been disregarded in favour of instantaneous measurements. The new practices incorporate time integration which is better at describing varying music levels as well as predicting annoyance.

Royal Botanic Gardens: Headliner
Royal Botanic Gardens: Headliner

PA Design and Stage Layouts

As part of our review we did extensive modelling of the sites for different sources including PA systems and other support event sources such as mechanical services. These allowed us to understand and suggest better site layouts and worst affected residences.

Royal Botanic Gardens: Portfolio
Royal Botanic Gardens: Headliner

Moonlight Cinema

We were additionally engaged to provide advice in best practices for the Moonlight Cinema screenings. We provided advice in terms of sound system setup and console configuration to increase intelligibility.

Moonlight Cinema - RBG
Royal Botanic Gardens: Headliner
Royal Botanic Gardens: Headliner


The people and companies that made it happen.

A huge thanks to Tomás Finnerty and Damien Comerford from the Botanic Gardens and Centennial Park for involving us in this and continuing projects.

Our Client

Luis Miranda and Scott Willsallen prepared the Sound Management Plan and associated studies.

Our Team

We worked with various sound management equipment suppliers on the project including the PA People.

Our Supplier

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