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Sound management planning case study

The Sydney Opera House is located in very close proximity to some of the most exclusive residences in Sydney. Our involvement in this area has included studies of the management and existing noise for the events held at the forecourt and sound associated with outdoor bars.

Sydney Opera House Forecourt: Headliner
SOH forecourt event.jpg
Sydney Opera House Forecourt: Headliner

Background noise and event history

In previous years, the ambiguity of sound management practices for large scale outdoor events had resulted in poor sound for Forecourt events. We developed a new sound management plan in conjunction with the SOH and relevant authorities to clear ambiguities that existed. Additionally, we have designed sound mitigation measures that have effectively reduced the sound emissions to nearby residents and protected the audience experience. The sound management plan that we developed has been in use since 2016 and reviews for the quality of sound for patrons have improved while complaints from nearby residents have decreased.

Sydney Opera House Forecourt: Portfolio
Sydney Opera House Forecourt: Headliner

Associated studies and Sound Management Plan

We conducted several studies for this project in order to prepare a comprehensive Sound Management Plan. As part of this project we looked at the existing background noise levels in the area and measurement history from events. We also looked at the dispersion of typical loudspeaker systems used at the Forecourt and monitor systems on stage. We developed a strategy to limit sound from stage to the nearest receivers. Finally, we developed a new measurement strategy that avoids ambiguity and provides a simpler tool for FOH engineers. All of these inputs were used to develop the Sound Management Plan that is deployed for every event at the Forecourt.

Sydney Opera House Forecourt: Portfolio


The people and companies that made it happen.

A huge thanks to Heather Clarke, Philby Lewis and Jeremy Christian from the Sydney Opera House for involving us in this project.

Our Client

Luis Miranda and Scott Willsallen prepared the Sound Management Plan and associated studies.

Our Team

We worked with sound several management equipment suppliers on the project including the PA People.

Our Supplier

Sydney Opera House Forecourt: Testimonials
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