Dubai Expo 2020 / District 2020 Centrepiece

Al Wasl Plaza is the architectural and cultural centrepiece of the Dubai Expo site and District 2020. It is a beautiful architectural monument by day that transforms into one of the largest immersive AV installations in the world. The venue features a 27.6 channel L-ISA system of 432 KIVA II and 24 KS28's.

Al Wasl Plaza

Loudspeaker System

The loudspeaker system consists of 27 arrays of L-Acoustics KIVA II with 16 elements in each array for a total of 432 KIVA II. The array count is determined by the geometry of the structure and each array provides coverage of 100% of the audience area. The loudspeakers are mounted within the projected image for coverage and localisation.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a video walk-through of the SOUNDVISION file. 

Al Wasl Plaza
Al Wasl Plaza
Al Wasl Plaza
AWP Immersive test hang
Expo audio test
KIVA II installation
KIVA II installation


There are six subwoofer arrays evenly distributed around the hemispherical space. Each array consists of four L-Acoustics KS28 dual 18" subs. The subs work as bandwidth extension to the local arrays with routing controlled by the DiGiCo 4REA4 Engine.

MDL subs
MDL subs render
main stage from foh
Subs during load in

Control system


Union Show
Union Show
Al Wasl Plaza

SOUNDVISION File Walk-through

This is a short video walking through the various parts of the system in the SOUNDVISION file.

Union Show


The people and companies that made it happen.

A huge thanks Tareq, Kylie, Kate and the whole team from Expo who empowered us to push the boundaries of design and come up with something very special for this project.

Our Client

The L-ISA immersive audio system was designed by Scott Willsallen and Luis Miranda with mechanical design by Wonder Works.

Our Team

Congratulations to Creative Technology Middle East for their commitment to ensuring every aspect of the installation was of excellent quality. Thanks also to L-Acoustics and DiGiCo for supporting the project.

Our Suppliers




March, 2020

Here is an article AV Magazine about the immersive AV systems in the architectural icon.

Al Wasl Plaza_AV