Riyadh, December 2019

MDL Beast is a three day festival bringing together the best in electronic music, performing arts and culinary craft - just outside of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Scroll down for the details of the audio system.


Main Stage Loudspeaker System

The loudspeaker system for main stage consisted of four lines of L-Acoustics K1 with four K1-SB over 20 K1, that's 80 K1 and 16 K1-SB all powered on LA12X amplifiers. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a video walk-through of the SOUNDVISION file. 

SV screenshot
K1 daytime
Show pic
K1 load in
Main PA Left

Sub-bass Array

The main sub-bass array consisted of 48 L-Acoustics KS28 stacked in front of the stage in an arrangement of 12 wide by 4 high. Sub-arc processing was used to widen the pattern of the subs to provide even coverage throughout the audience area. This system was augmented with additional cardioid sub arrays at each of the 7 delay towers.

MDL subs
MDL subs render
main stage from foh
Subs during load in
aDSC_5659-2 copy.jpg

Front Fill

With the main four arrays very wide and very high it was important the front fill provided great sound and impact for the fans down the front in the centre. The front fill consisted of 8 stacks of 3 L-Acoustics K2 with a pair of single K2 sitting on top of the sub-bass array. The front fill arrays were elevated 1.5m on decks and installed in their touring chariots.

FF 1
FF 2
FF 3


Seven delay towers were used to augment the coverage of the main stage arrays. Each delay tower had an array of 20 L-Acoustics K2 and a sub-bass array of KS28 in a cardioid arrangement.

MDL delay 1
MDL delay 2
Delay array
On centre
Main full wide centre
Delays other side
Main delays side

SOUNDVISION File Walk-through

This is a short video walking through the various parts of the system in the SOUNDVISION file.


Other Stages

We also designed the systems for another four venues onsite. We used a combination of L-Acoustics and Meyer Sound as can be seen in the photos.

Stage 2
Stage 4
Down Beast
Down Beast
Stage 2
Stage 4.jpg
Main full wide centre.jpg


The people and companies that made it happen.

A huge thanks Ian and Jo from LarMac Live, and the whole team at LemonX for getting us involved. Congratulations to Sela for producing such a successful event.

Our Client

The Audio systems were designed by Scott Willsallen and Justin Arthur. Our team onsite consisted of Justin, Martin Dineley and Ian Cooper.

Our Team

Congratulations to PRG on sourcing, shipping, installing, engineering and managing such a massive scope of work in such a short time frame.

Our Suppliers




March, 2020

Here is an article from Simon Luckhurst about the technical production for the project.

MDL Beast 2019_Pro AVL MEA_March 2020_Pa